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It’s time the independent music industry had tools to reflect the future, not the past. SHOUT4 enables RevShare deals which protect artists’ rights and their work while rewarding their team.

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What’s the split?

SHOUT4’s RevShares can split more than just streaming. By sharing across all revenues you can reward your team while keeping control.

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FOBRO (fear of being ripped off)

An online contract creation platform for all music creatives. You need never be ripped off again.

Legalise it

SHOUT4 deals displace archaic music law contracts at a fraction of the price.

Invested development

SHOUT4 deals allows the professional community to invest time in return for a share in profits.


Game changing deal-making software at every creative's fingertips. Create contracts which protect all music projects.

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“As a manager, producer and label owner, I need to build deals which are bespoke, make sense to me and can also save money by offering shared revenues. SHOUT4 does this”


Creative Director

Music industry partners

Some of the amazing partners, associations and communities we're proud to be working alongside to bring you this product.


SHOUT4 works for ...

SHOUT4 is geared to support and empower the independent music sector by formalising the favour culture, and incentivsing contributors by sharing future revenues.

DIY artists & producers

Protect your work in minutes, reduce upfront costs and reward your team by creating your own bespoke RevShare deal without needing to hire a lawyer.


Hire a top professional for less, using RevShare deals as equity in an artist to reduce upfront costs.

Independent labels

Create a trusted and incentivised team with reduced upfront costs through RevShare deals.

What the music industry is saying

We're not the only ones fighting for a new way to help the independent music sector. Here's a selection of quotes from industry heavy weights.

You can't have old rules for new games. No other business in the world would suggest you don't adapt to a completely new supply chain and income sources”

Kanye West


“The music industry has to change the business model; it's as simple as that”

Troy Carter


“The music business has changed dramatically over the last twenty years. SHOUT4 is the first tech platform that offer new deals with a shared outcome, a truly democratic revolution for the industry.”

Alison Wenham

Founder of AIM and WIN

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