Creating label services and management contracts

Here we’re going to show you how to set up a label or management project. When you first log in or create your account you’ll see the ‘create new
project’ button on the dashboard which will take you through to the first step to creating your first project.


First up you want to give your project a name so it’s easy to find later from your account dashboard. In this example, we’re going to play the role of a label setting up a label services contract for a new band “Crooked Vultures” so we’ll call this project “Crooked Vultures –  Label services”.

Next, we need to select the project type. Since we want to set up a label or management services project select “Artist services”.

The “Project scope” field is your area to add any specific key points you wish to appear in the final contract. This could be for example any specific
tracks you wish to appear in the contract or any clause specific to your company.


Now let’s add the artist as a revenue owner.

This step requires you to fill out all the relevant contact details and add any band members who are a part of the band, ensuring each band member has their own unique email address. Once complete we hit continue to set up what revenue they own.


Now we move on to entering revenue details. Here we gather further information about the user’s role within the project and the percentage of net revenue that
is owned across four core revenue streams. Now we enter details of the revenue they own.

In our scenario, the artist owns 100% of everything. Unless the artist is already in a deal with a third party, they would always own 100% of everything.

Once you’ve completed this you can continue.


Now we move on to creating the label services deal.

From the project overview screen click the create a deal button to set up the label service deal for your label.


On the next screen select the user type most relevant for your label. In this example, we’ll select business and enter the relevant details and press continue.


Now we need to add service details. On this screen, we enter the details on the services to be provided including the scope of work which is used in the contract and
any fees, completion dates and key parts about specifying what revenue should be shared.

We’re going to start by selecting the label services option and then we need to provide some more information about the scope of work provided.

Our fee will be one pound which is the minimum to make the contract legally binding by UK law and a completion date of three years from now which is the length of our initial contract with the artist.


Moving down to the shared revenue area the artist will be sharing with the label 50% on recording and sync for three years with no maximum payout.

Once we’ve completed this we now need to view and send the deal from the confirmation screen.


You can now click to see the user profile for the label we just added, to preview and send the contract that’s been generated. Also from this screen, you can add another deal or go back to the project dashboard.


Let’s go to the label user profile. From here you can see an overview of the label services deal we’ve created and some options to view or send the contract. However if you haven’t set up a subscription before then you will need to do so in order to view the entire contract or send it.


Congratulations you’ve just set up your first label or management services contract!

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