Creating your first project

Let’s create your first project.

When you first logon or create your account, you’ll see the “Create new project” button on the dashboard which will take you through to the first steps to create your first project.


Starting off give your project a name so it’s easy to find later from your account dashboard. You might like to come up with a naming structure like “Artist – Project” name so when you see your projects on the dashboard it will be easier to pick out the one you’re looking for.

Create project

Currently we have 3 project types. These are used to provide more relevant questions and information as you progress through the rest of setting up your deals so take a moment to think what is most suitable.

If you want to setup an initial label or management services agreement select “Artist services.

If you’re working on your next EP or album and either  just the recording of mastering of it, or right the way through to releasing and marketing, then select “Content creation”.

If you’ve already recorded your material and you’re looking to get your music performed in public, the select “Performance & live”.

The “Project scope” field is your area to add any specific key points you wish to appear in the final contract. This could be for example any specific tracks you wish to appear in the contract or any clause specific to your company.

SHOUT4 agreements are all based around revenue sharing helping reduce upfront costs for music projects and attracting talent to work with you by incentivising them.

Next fill out all relevant contact details.


Once you’ve filled out those details you will arrive on this screen.


Here we gather further information about the percentage of net revenue that is owned across four core revenue streams.

Once you’ve got all of your revenue sharing added you’re ready to complete your project set up and get into the juicy details simply hit finish adding revenue
and you’ll be taken to the project overview page where you can start to add other details and get your project going.

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