Adding service providers to a project

After you’ve set up your project and revenue sharing is registered, you’ll be ready to add service providers to your project to create their deals, a professional to bring services to your project.


From the deal overview screen, as above, you will need to hit the “Create a deal” icon which will bring you to this multi-choice section as seen below.

Let’s add a producing company to your project, do note that the process for adding any other service professional is identical. Select business
and input their business name, name and email address.


Now we need to refine the role of the business providing services. In the first drop-down box select “Content creation” as a service to be provided. This will open a new drop-down with a more refined choice for services. Here you can pick “Producer”.

Now you have selected “Content creation” and “Producer” you need to add the scope of work to the project in the details field. You can be as general as you like here
but please note this will form part of the contract.

The fee agreed must be a minimum of £1 for consideration of a contract agreed between two parties in English law. Please make sure you add at least this rate.

The target date is for when the services should be completed.


In previous examples, you would have been shown how to set up an “Artist” with 100% revenues available to share. This section shows percentage fields you can offer the “Producer” from this project. So now as part of the deal, the producer would like to share 10% in the recording for 5 years. If you intend to limit the payout to a professional input that amount here. If left blank then there is no cap on payments.

When you have completed the percentages hit “Save services” to move to the overview screen.

The amount inputted on the previous section now feeds into the dashboard. if this is all correct revenue sharing is now live in the project and you can start to create revenue-sharing (RevShare) deals.


Great work! You’ve set up a revenue share participant in your project! This is the cornerstone of any deal on SHOUT4, wasn’t too hard, was it?!

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