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Yes, all SHOUT4 agreements have been validated by leading music industry lawyers Clintons.

In accounting, ‘gross’ refers to amounts before deductions and ‘net’ refers to gross amounts minus deductions. For example, if a song creates a gross revenue of £100 but there are costs associated with it which need paying first, for example, 20% distribution costs, then the net amount will be equal to £100 minus costs therefore in this example the net amount to share would be £80.

RevShare is a legally binding agreement that attaches the obligation to the revenue owned by the sharer (typically an artist), to share with other participants (typically suppliers, could be producers, marketing etc) for an agreed percentage and for an agreed period of time. For example, an artist who owns 100% of their recording revenues can agree to share 5% of this with a producer for 5 years. Therefore the agreement is that the artist will for 5 years share 5% of net revenues with the producer. 

By using RevShare, you can also negotiate a reduction in upfront costs, or use RevShare to work with that professional who you may have thought out of reach. For example, you may offer a share across all your revenues in a music project for a period of time which will confirm the deal!

It does, and whilst there are pre-filled texts in there, you may also add items specific and bespoke to your deal.

Absolutely. You can set up deals on behalf of a revenue owner.

The contract is between the revenue owner and suppliers. If you cease working with the artist then the artist should take over the contract administration, until (if) such time as a new administrator is working on their behalf.

Absolutely, but only the percentage you are able to share. For example, if you have signed a deal with PUBLISHING Corp. and they take 20% of your writers’ share, you can only offer a maximum of 80% of your publishing on the platform.

We are working on a solution here, for the moment, you will need to ensure any administration is aware of all the deals created on the platform which relate to an artist or project.

Basic access to the product is 100% free – allowing you to create initial projects and deals.

When you’re ready to preview the full contract and/or send it to another person/business, you will be asked to pay.

We charge a very low £11 monthly fee to use full functionality on the platform, which when paid annually is only £110, a saving of 16%.

You can send as many deals as you like under the monthly/yearly subscription plan which is only £11 per month, or £110 annually (a 16% saving). Also, all new subscriptions receive a 28-day trial period with full access to the platform, no credit/debit card is required for the trial.

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